Refreshing, and creating brands for
companies from large retail to
mobility to start-ups.

With effective branding, you don’t just entice customers to use your business –– you inspire them to keep returning. Branding gives your organization meaning and emotion, eliciting a visceral response and inspiring loyalty among your consumers.

Brand Strategy

We work with brands to develop an overarching strategy with tangibles like mission, messaging, and positioning. Viewed as a long-term plan, the strategy identifies long-term goals and how to achieve them.


What’s in a name? In the world of business and marketing…everything. Our name-storm sessions reach far, then narrow into perhaps the single most important thing that will identify and shape your company.

Logo & Identity Design

Our process is a collaborative effort led by designers and strategists. The end result is an identity that is ownable, memorable and uniquely yours.

Messaging & Positioning

We develop a corporate narrative and core messaging framework. The positioning can frame  the overall strategic direction of your company and focus on key business and growth areas. We also craft a summary elevator speech that succinctly explains the brand’s message, vision, and positioning.

Brand Guidelines

Once the name, logo and messaging are created, we clearly define how to use the brand (and how not to!). Our comprehensive document details the dos and donts with real-world examples, setting clear guidelines so the brand stays true to itself - and to your business.

Our 5D Process


We start by digging deep, gathering information and insights to develop a strategic vision that aligns with your business, brand, and customer goals.


A plan takes shape as we outline requirements and necessary deliverables and specifications for the project.


Thinking outside the box comes standard as we create innovative concepts to showcase the project's overall look, feel, tone and voice.


Our planning and concepting come to life as smart, on-brand deliverables, from websites and emails to apps, ads, and more.


When everything is ready for primetime, we make sure it gets in front of the right audience, in the right way, at the right time.

We listen to our clients. So
should you.


Chief Brand Officer

“The team was always quick to respond and flexible, even when we internally were not the best at sticking to our timelines. Site traffic and conversion rates have increased significantly.”


Senior Marketing Director

“They were very good at ensuring they met the priorities we defined. The team tackled the big project with exceptional responsiveness and project management.”


Senior Director of Brand Development

“True Impact Partners spent the necessary time to learn about our business and what we wanted to accomplish prior to building the site. They are very professional, understanding, collaborative and available.”


Corporate Vice President, Marketing

“Because of our partnership, we are seeing significantly improved engagement, leading to significantly improved ROI.”

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Corporate Vice President, Marketing

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