Mobile Apps

Delivering impactful experiences built on the best UI/UX principles.

Chances are, your mobile device is currently in your pocket, bag, or even your hand. You might even be reading this on it. Mobile apps offer a fast, convenient, and customized way to get your brand & content literally in front of your customers.

Strategy Development

Every good app should start with a good strategy. We learn about your business, your audiences and your goals to align on exactly what the app needs to do. Along with the Features Scorecard that quantitatively highlights the functionality that will make the app a success, the strategic vision is born. But be ready to answer the question: do you really need an app?

UI/UX Design

Principle #1: Keep it simple! Our UI/UX team focuses on delivering user-friendly experiences that are instinctive and clear, and first-class solutions that yield results.

Usability Testing

You’re going to test the app either before you launch it or after. (Hint: testing it before is much less expensive to make changes.) We work with all of our clients to hear and learn from audiences that will actually use the ultimate product. We test either during wireframes or design - or both!

Visual Design

Our team of experts deliver visually-appealing solutions designed to captivate users and maximize engagement. Experts in user-centered design, our strategic designers are also focused on maximizing business value with every user interaction.


Much like a cartoonist evokes emotion in as few as one frame, our copywriters are trained to engage and guide users as efficiently as possible.


Our app development team has built dozens of apps for both iOS and Android. Their focus is not just on developing the app, but ensuring its built strategically for both the short-term and long-term.

Project Management

Our project managers are the fire that fuels the engine, keeping the team on-task, on-time, and on-budget. Weekly status reports identifying progress, pitfalls, and potential perils provide the collaboration and communication needed for a successful project.

Our 5D Process


A deep immersion that’s as easy as A-B-C: understanding your audiences, your business, and your category.


The foundational architectural blueprint of the app without any influence of design.


Thinking outside the box comes standard as we create innovative concepts to showcase your company's unique look, feel, tone & voice.


Building the apps to specification for both iOS and Android


Testing the app to ensure it performs exactly as defined, designed and imagined, following by launch.

We listen to our clients. So
should you.


Chief Brand Officer

“The team was always quick to respond and flexible, even when we internally were not the best at sticking to our timelines. Site traffic and conversion rates have increased significantly.”


Senior Marketing Director

“They were very good at ensuring they met the priorities we defined. The team tackled the big project with exceptional responsiveness and project management.”


Senior Director of Brand Development

“True Impact Partners spent the necessary time to learn about our business and what we wanted to accomplish prior to building the site. They are very professional, understanding, collaborative and available.”


Corporate Vice President, Marketing

“Because of our partnership, we are seeing significantly improved engagement, leading to significantly improved ROI.”

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Corporate Vice President, Marketing

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