Generating awareness for a potential cure to Alzheimer’s Disease

Industry: Health care

A biotech company based in Massachusetts, Alzheon is poised to introduce the first oral treatment with the potential to slow or stop Alzheimer’s disease. True Impact Partners was tasked to increase awareness of the company among potential investors.

Ads Featured In

Tapping into emotions

Using programmatic native advertising, True Impact Partners amplified media coverage using sophisticated targeting, copy highlighting optimism and hope, and imagery that resonated with our audiences.

Services used:

Maximizing impact

Infusing data into every action and delivering a precision-based approach allowed us to drive awareness, build credibility and prioritize audiences.

Project features

Overcoming inherent skepticism

Despite a small budget, True Impact generated millions of impressions, thousands of clicks, and widespread interest among investors about a company changing the perception of solving Alzheimer’s from ‘nope’ to ‘hope’.


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